iPhone/iPod Ideas and Concepts
Basically, think of this as my scratch-pad of ideas that I don't have time to work on at the moment, but wanted to capture so either I or someone else could create something great based on these ideas.

Feel free to use these ideas, but give me a shout and let me know you've taken one and used it for your next masterpiece!

  • An application that will display a heater element (combined with animated heat waves)
  • Depending on a configurable setting, find a way to drain the battery (and make the device 'warm')
  • Battery draining could be useful for testing chargers as well

  • iTable
  • Use the camera to take a picture of the table the phone is sitting on
  • Have various centerpieces to put on the table
  • Disable auto-lock
  • Optional fly moving (and buzzing) around

  • iHobbit
  • Client for Hobbit (i.e. BigBrother) network/system monitor

  • Fart: The Game
  • Use your farts as a jetpack to fly around
  • Cans of beans replenish your fart power
  • Spicy food takes power away (give you the runs!)