Are you ready for some classic 8-bit fun from games of long ago? Then come take an "odyssey 2" the iSpeedway!

In this game, the goal is to see what's the highest score you can achieve in two minutes. You need to race down a long stretch of road as fast as possible avoiding the other cars.

The game features two graphics modes - classic and enhanced. Classic is a reproduction of the classic 8-bit game graphics. Enhanced adds a modern look at feel to the game.

  • Press anywhere on the screen to accelerate, let go to brake
  • Lean your device left or right to steer
  • The on-screen digital scoreboard will keep track of your time and score
  • A collision will halt scoring but the clock will keep running
  • The faster you go, the higher your score - but be careful! Each collision causes you to lose about 2 seconds and resets your speed
  • Two skill levels are available to challenge you

  • Hint: After a crash your car is invulnerable to other crashes until you step on the gas. In "enhanced" mode, your car will be semi-transparent while it is invulnerable.

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