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You wake up in the morning, grab your iPhone/iPod/iPad, check your email, and check your favorite websites all before getting out of bed. Bleary eyed, you hit your bookmark button in Safari and navigate a maze of nested menus to find your favorite websites. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wished that your device could open all your favorite websites easily at the same time?

Now it can!

Using TabBrowser, you can setup your favorite websites and they will all open and load simultaneously. Using a simple tab bar at the bottom of the screen, navigate to your favorite websites and read them all without fumbling through the bookmark menu of Safari. Full browser functions including forward, back, & reload as well as a loading activity indicator and portrait/landscape mode complete the feature set.

  • Web Browser / Web Reader with support for multiple simultaneous websites
  • Supports portrait or landscape orientation
  • Optional portrait orientation lock
  • NOTE: TabBrowser lacks an address bar within the application and is best used for reading a few websites that are your 'favorites'. The websites are set inside the standard settings menu.

    NOTE: TabBrowser is not affiliated with Apple, CNN, MSNBC, Google, Yahoo!, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or the Mercury News. TabBrowser is just an excellent way to experience those websites (as well as many others).

    NEW! Version 1.1 brings full iPad support including 3 additional tabs for a total of eight simultaneous pages at one time!.

    Copyright © Russ Caslis
    Do not use or reproduce without permission
    Last updated: 04-25-2010 at 21:34