Fail Mail

Fail Mail

Everyone FAILs sometime, but only some reach the pinnacle of fail known as the EPIC FAIL. Now you can let someone know when they reach that level either in person using the built-in sound player or via email by sending the professionally recorded sound samples to them.

It's fun & easy! Let that special someone in your life know what they've achieved!

This app will even let you configure the email so it's completely obvious what your trying to tell them or let you "stealth" the email so that they have to listen to the sound sample attachment to truely understand the gravity of the situation.

The app includes 14 different FAIL phrases:
  • Fail
  • Super Fail
  • Epic Fail
  • Pitiful
  • Loser
  • Pathetic
  • You suck
  • You smell funny
  • Nobody loves you
  • You will die alone
  • Everyone looks down on you
  • People hate you
  • You have spiders in your soul
  • You are worthless, totally worthless
  • NOTE: Fail Mail uses professional voice acting by the man behind the voice of "Serious Sam". No illegally copied sound samples of questional quality in this app!

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