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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Apple is interested at this point in making sure limited-use single functionality applications (like CloudApp) are not available for the iPad. As such, new versions of CloudApp will not be approved by Apple for sale in the AppStore. As such, I've removed CloudApp1 from the appstore (because it was an older version than CloudApp2 through CloudApp4) and won't be making any new versions of the application.
UPDATE (CONTINUED): However, for all of you WebApp designers out there it turns out that most of the functionality of CloudApp was already available using the right html coding (my bad). Please see my WebApp Hints page to check out the details.

WebClips and WebApps are great - they allow access to websites through an icon on your homescreen. However, they have drawbacks. A "web application" accessed through such an icon still has a navigation bar at the bottom and an address bar at the top. Why have those elements when they are not needed? Sure, alternate browsers with hide-away navigation controls help but you lose access to your application via an icon.

CloudApp solves that issue. Using this application, you set a start page through the standard iPhone/iPod/iPad settings menu. Then simply starting the application will go directly to that website and you won't have any browser or navigation bars to get in the way. Works great with any of the Apple Web Applications or Google Tasks!

  • Works great with Apple Web Applications
  • Supports portrait or landscape orientation
  • Optional portrait orientation lock
  • Optional Pinch & Zoom disable
  • Optional Full Screen mode (disable status bar)
  • NOTE: CloudApp is not appropriate for any website that does not include complete navigation from inside the website itself. Since CloudApp does not contain any navigation abilities, you are totally dependent on the navigation controls within the web site.

    NOTE: CloudApp is not affiliated with Apple, Google Calendar, Packagetrackr, or The Ultimate Recipe Search Tool in any way. CloudApp is just an excellent way to experience those WebApps and others.

    NEW! Version 1.3 brings full-screen support (hide the status bar) and also native support for the iPad.

    NEW! Version 1.2 includes the ability to turn off pinch & zoom, eliminating the sometimes annoying rubber band effect within your webapp.

    NEW! Version 1.1 brings the ability to use CloudApp with a custom URL scheme. Simply type cloudapp:// into Safari to open CloudApp and goto htttp:// This can be used in email as a quick way to launch and run CloudApp.

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    Do not use or reproduce without permission
    Last updated: 04-25-2010 at 21:33